Rieglerstr. 21
4873 Frankenburg
Gesund durch Wärme
mit Infraworld Infrarotkabinen
und Saunen.

TrioSol glass infrared cabin

These infrared cabins combine everything that is good: fine fir, the unique three-fold effect of TrioSol technology and a truly modern aesthetic thanks to the glass front.

Also available in natural stone pine from the Austrian Alps or in Nordic spruce.
Products from the series
TrioSol glass 145 fir VG TrioSol glass 125 fir VG TrioSol glass 145 spruce VG TrioSol glass 145 stone pine VG TrioSol glass 125 stone pine VG TrioSol glass 145 aspen VG TrioSol glass 145 aspen RG TrioSol glass 145 spruce
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