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10 useful tips

for the purchase of an infrared cabin


Before deciding on the purchase of an infrared cabin, many things must be planned. Here is an overview of the 10 most important tips on the purchase of an infrared cabin for you. 

Größe und Aufstellort ist wichtig.
Größe und Aufstellort ist wichtig.


1. The place of installation

One thing is clear: the place of installation is a decisive factor for the frequency of use. It should be dry, odourless and heated. Ideally it is easily accessible. The times when infrared cabins or saunas were banished to the cellar are gone. Attractive designs and cabins with glass fronts allow for integration directly in the living area without further ado.



2. The size of the cabin

Of crucial importance is the question as to how many people want to use the cabin at the same time. Do you prefer having a session alone or should it become a real meeting point for the family? Standard cabins are usually available for 1 to 4 persons and the price is in line with the size. 

Apart from the standard dimensions, we also produce cabins made to measure.


Grafik zum Stromanschluss der Infrarotkabine.
Grafik zum Stromanschluss der Infrarotkabine.


3. The floor space

Measure the floor space at the place of installation in order to know the space you have available when purchasing the cabin. Experience has shown that there is often a gap between the ideas and reality.

The floor to put your infrared cabin onto must be level. Ideally its surface is a tiled, laminate or wood floor.



4. Power supply

An infrared cabin requires a current supply of 230 V. This corresponds to a normal power socket. Preferably, a separate supply line fused with 16 A is available. Unlike a sauna, an electrician is not required to commission an infrared cabin. Quality products already have the electrical supply included ready for connection.

Die Ausstattung der Infrarotkabine.
Die Ausstattung der Infrarotkabine.


5. The type of wood

Infrared cabins are available in many different types of wood. They differ in colour, structure and fragrance. Stone pine and Canadian cedar have special ingredients which produce an aromatic and calming scent. We use only the best quality wood that is untreated and free from harmful substances. Wood resists to extreme temperatures and humidity. Mould cannot develop. Inside the cabin we only uses solid wood and no imitations or artificial surfaces. Cleaning is easy thanks to the plain wooden surface.



6. Technology and equipment

There are many infrared heating systems, where Infraworld distinguishes between ABC heaters and infrared heating panels. Infraworld cabins are available with 2 or 3 heating systems as standard. The high-quality TrioSol cabins have a built-in salt evaporator in addition to the VITALlight-ABC heater and heating panels. Easy handling of the controls and the heater configuration should also be taken into account.

The heaters should be tested by independent institutions for your safety. TÜV test laboratories and the Austrian Research Centre in Seibersdorf guarantee your safety.






7. Design and assembly

Quality products convince with the robust design of their prefabricated elements. This assures many years of infrared pleasure and easy disassembly in case of a relocation. The assembly instructions of our cabins are easily understandable and delightfully simple with pictures and sketches. With some manual skills you will be able to assemble the cabin on your own. You can also make use of our assembly service and comfortably lean back until the commissioning of your infrared cabin. Our trained assembly team will be glad to carry out this work for you.



8. Made in Europe

When making your purchase, make sure that the infrared cabin was produced in Europe. Quality expectations are much higher here, especially when it comes to infrared heaters, controls and other technology. The cabins are manufactured from European wood which also guarantees longevity. The supply chain of the wood is traceable and wages are fair, so that added value remains here and important jobs are secured.
All our infrared cabins and saunas from the Infraworld brand are produced in the EU according to legal standards. 

9. Guarantee

A long warranty period promises you safety and supply of spare parts beyond the legal guarantee.

Take note of the five year guarantee for our factory installed infrared heaters and the infrared heating panels.




10. Power consumption and operating costs

The energy costs of an infrared cabin are very low and absolutely negligible in relation to its beneficial effects. With a medium total power of 2,500 Watt and a session duration of about 45 minutes (including warm-up phase), the power consumption is approx. 1,800 Watt. Calculated with an electricity price of € 0.40 this results in approx. € 0.72 per session. 
Ideally you will enjoy deep relaxation and high sweating volume twice a week. Your immune system will thank you. Preventative healthcare cannot be more affordable.