Rieglerstr. 21
4873 Frankenburg
Gesund durch Wärme
mit Infraworld Infrarotkabinen
und Saunen.



A sauna and infrared cabin in one will round off your experience of well-being in your own four walls. Enjoy the advantages of a sauna session as well as the wonderful effects of infrared deep heat. Not to mention the brine spa (Sole-Therme) which enables you to breathe freely again. Incorporate one of the following all-inclusive “filling stations” for well-being into your daily life.

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Safir Complete sauna
This multifunctional sauna enables you to enjoy the benefits of an infrared cabin and a sauna.
Panorama Complete sauna
Sauna with infrared heater and large glass front, available in spruce or aspen.
Solido Complete sauna
This model combines classic sauna construction using solid wood with a modern infrared heater.
Vitalis Complete sauna
This small sauna has an infrared heater and an evaporator heater with built-in brine spa as standard.

The Complete sauna-infrared combination


Recharge your batteries in one of the sauna-infrared combinations by Infraworld
Sweating with added value in a sauna with infrared by Infraworld: that is what you can do in our Complete models. We have integrated essential additional functions such as infrared and salt evaporator into these models.


Complete sauna with VITALlight ABC heater
If you would like to use a sauna together with intensive infrared technology, then you are on the right track with the Complete sauna-infrared combination . One  VITALlight IPX4 heater provides a high radiation intensity which allows you to focus directly on the spine area. The Easy Control enables you to  gradually adjust the heater to suit your needs on any given day. 


Vitalis Complete sauna with salt evaporator and optional infrared heating panels
The small brine spa for your home is available with our Vitalis models. They are equipped with a special sauna heater which continuously generates water vapour. It constantly rinses the salt stones in the evaporator pot, which creates a mild atmosphere, supporting the airways. Vitalis is also available with optional infrared heating panels.
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