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The Infraworld brand

Wir leben Gesundheit.
Wir leben Gesundheit.


Infraworld - stay healthy with our saunas and infrared cabins


"We live for health" is the value which our employees bring to their daily work at TPI. Today the Infraworld brand with its unique saunas and infrared cabins is represented in many European countries.


Staying healthy is the top priority for many people. That is why we continuously develop our products further. Our Infraworld cabins stand for innovative health concepts, which you will experience with all your senses. 


Our saunas and infrared cabins are manufactured in the EU and customized production is carried out to a large degree directly in Germany. Because living health also means considering quality and added value.


Purer Infrarotgenuss.
Purer Infrarotgenuss.


Innovations supporting your health


The best factors for relaxation include well conceived health concepts. People are always at the heart of our innovations. Our clients' strong desire for relaxation, well-being and health drives us to continuously develop our products further.

We were the first to combine different infrared technologies in a cabin for optimal sweating. We later unified sauna and infrared cabins for multifunctional use. Finally, we developed the TrioSol infrared cabins with salt evaporator. 


At the nexus of sauna, infrared and brine spa (Sole-Therme), Infraworld redefines preventative healthcare.

Patentierte Sole-Therme Pur
Patentierte Sole-Therme Pur


Because success is also measured in patents


The brine spa system "Sole-Therme" consists of large salt stones which are constantly rinsed with hot vapour enriching the air with salt, minerals and important trace elements. The intensive salt content corresponds to that found at the seaside, beneficial for the skin and airways.



The VITALlight IPX4 ABC infrared heater possesses the full infrared spectrum of ABC radiation and the glass rod is made of special shock resistant glass with watertight connections. Infrared exposure does not get any better.   

Wohlfühlen bei infraworld
Wohlfühlen bei infraworld


Quality and safety are important for us


All Infraworld infrared cabins, saunas and accessories (such as infrared heaters, sauna heaters, controls and much more) are produced in the European Union according to legal standards.


Our products are continuously tested in TÜV test laboratories. Furthermore, yearly TÜV controls of our production sites and procedures of quality assurance guarantee production quality is maintained.


Since radiation safety is also very important, we submitted our VITALlight infrared heaters for review by the Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf according to international guidelines and limit values. The positive test result proves how important your health is to us.


Apart from the legal warranty, you benefit from an additional 5-year guarantee on all VITALlight infrared heaters and heating panels installed in our factories.