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Mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung mit Infrarot
Mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung mit Infrarot


More than 20 years’ experience


With two decades of know how as a manufacturer of infrared cabins and saunas, TPI-Infraworld is one of the pioneers in the spa industry. Either infrared cabin, infrared sauna or infrared cabin made to measure, we have your own favourite cabin.
Infrared cabins by Infraworld impress by their designs and first-class joinery quality made in the EU on the one hand and their high-quality fittings on the other hand. Infrared-heating panels and one or more infrared ABC heaters are always standard. The same applies for the salt evaporator in the TrioSol models.

Convince yourself of the sophisticated technology in our multifunctional cabins and enjoy the numerous positive effects on your well-being. 

Infrarotkabinen mit der 3-fach Wirkung.
Infrarotkabinen mit der 3-fach Wirkung.


Three times more effective


The TrioSol infrared cabin is an exclusive all-inclusive solution within your own four walls. No matter whether you want to strengthen your immune system, relax the muscles, improve the skin texture or allow your mind to come to rest: the sophisticated technology of this special cabin and the elegant ambiance of well-being make it possible: 

  • Infrared heating panels heat your body gently from all angles.
  • The infrared full spectrum heater penetrates deeply into the lower layers of skin and acts quickly and with great intensity, targeting selected parts of the body.
  • The salt evaporator enriches the air with valuable minerals and trace elements with potentially soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and airways.
Sicher in jeder Hinsicht
Sicher in jeder Hinsicht


SAFE in any respect


Safety promises are only convincing if they are confirmed by an independent organisation. This is why Infraworld produces in the EU only and in strict compliance with legal standards. At the same time, our cabins and elements are continuously tested in TÜV test laboratories. Together with the TÜV inspection of our production site every year, we promise you top safety.

  • Enjoy the secure feeling of a five-year guarantee for our factory installed infrared heating panels and the VITALlight infrared heater.
  • Rely on the safety of our VITALlight infrared heaters, which have been tested by the Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf according to international guidelines and limit values.
  • You can look forward to sophisticated technology with a long life expectancy and cabins made from high-quality craftsmanship. 




The more choice the better. In this spirit, Infraworld offers you cabins made to measure in joinery quality made in Germany. Or to put it another way: configure your custom-made product down to the last detail according to your wishes:

  • Type of structure (log boards or element construction)
  • Dimension and type of wood (spruce, Hemlock, aspen, stone pine, etc.).
  • Individual technical equipment (controls, infrared heater, coloured LED lighting, music system).
  • A wide variety of choices from our diverse range of accessories.
Immer am neuesten Stand der Technik.
Immer am neuesten Stand der Technik.


A tradition of INNOVATION


As a pioneer of the infrared cabin industry, our consistent innovation efforts over the past 20 years have made us one of the market leaders in Europe. Patents such as Sole-Therme, the extremely moisture-resistant VITALlight infrared heater as well as the exceptionally user-friendly controls developed by us are just a few examples of our innovations.


Furthermore, we are considered the first in the market to combine sauna and infrared into multifunctional saunas.

Ausstellungsräume in Frankenburg.
Ausstellungsräume in Frankenburg.


Only at selected retailers near you


You probably intend on purchasing your infrared cabin on the internet quickly and from the comfort of your own home. But consider: Are speed and comfort really the most important matters when it comes to your health and well-being in the long term? – We at Infraworld take a different view and adopt a different approach with you: 

  • Rely on personal consulting on site by a selected specialised dealer.
  • Get a realistic idea of your future infrared cabin in one of the our partner's showrooms.
  • Enjoy fast (assembly) service from experts in your area.
  • If needed, you can also contact your retailer after purchasing your infrared cabin.
  • Get warranty support from people and not from bots.