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Either a massive wood sauna made of log boards or an element sauna: the classic sauna series by Infraworld impresses with first-class workmanship and distortion-free stability, throughout a sauna’s life. Enjoy a relaxing sauna experience in a cabin with everything that a modern sauna must offer to today’s demanding sauna fans!

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Panorama sauna
The sauna with large glass front in Nordic spruce is eye-catching in your bathroom.
Urban sauna
This massive solid wood sauna is available in four dimensions and for immediate delivery.

The classic saunas by Infraworld


High-quality element or log board saunas
Choose between a solid log board sauna and an element sauna from the range of Infraworld saunas. The special feature of our solid wood cabins is that the solid wood is already joined to fix elements. This ensures that the wood does not "work" or become warped. 


The atmosphere in a log board sauna is very special because solid wood can store and give off heat in a very unique way. During this process, the natural ingredients of the wood such as resins or oils are released, creating the typical scent of timber.

The element saunas by Infraworld are equipped with special insulation between the elements and therefore provide a more pleasant sauna experience.

The classic series of saunas by Infraworld are available in different standard dimensions. Special dimensions or production to the precise centimetre are possible with some models.

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