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Sauna technology:

Sauna heater and sauna controls

Der finnische Saunaofen
Der finnische Saunaofen

The Finnish sauna heater


With a sauna heater by Infraworld you will feel the beneficial and relaxing effects of warmth on body and mind. The Finnish sauna heater has always been at the heart of a sauna. The special combination of high-quality heaters with the particular quality and construction of our saunas produces the extraordinary sauna atmosphere.
We offer powerful modern sauna heaters as free-standing objects or for assembly onto the sauna wall, for every use in private and commercial areas.
The Hotline V10 model shows how beautiful a sauna heater can be. Not only does it have a modern appearance, but it also includes an innovative superior technology with longevity. The high volumes of stones, 50 – 70 kg, provide a particularly intensive experience when water is poured on them.

Saunaofen mit Verdampfer
Saunaofen mit Verdampfer

Sauna heater with evaporator system


Enjoy well-being according to your wishes with an evaporator heater. You can use it to create an intense Finnish sauna or a comfortable steam sauna. An additional brine spa attachment (Sole-Therme) will provide the positive and beneficial effect of salt laden air in your sauna.
Our evaporator heaters include a water container, which produces vapour. Due to the constant rinsing of the salt stones with steam, the sauna air produces a greater salt content. Breathe health and feel close to nature.


Sauna controls


Infraworld sauna controls are the ideal addition to all sauna heaters. They include a lot of modern technology, are easy to operate, have a long service life and are very safe. The elegant flat operating unit is positioned discreetly on the sauna wall. The “Saunacontrol C” model range allows easy adjustment and any combination of a Finnish sauna heater, an evaporator heater, infrared heating panels and up to two VITALlight full spectrum heaters.
The sauna control system of the model range “Saunacontrol T” has an especially stylish operating interface, offering utmost comfort. A slight touch with the finger is enough to adjust the temperature and humidity quickly and read them easily. However, this sauna control is even more innovative: large colour display, external power module, key lock with child safety lock, ventilator function etc.

Sauna mit Infrarot Flächenheizung und Strahler
Sauna mit Infrarot Flächenheizung und Strahler
Sauna with infrared heater – the multifunctional sauna


The desire to possess a sauna with all the possible technological features is an increasingly important factor. Thanks to sophisticated technology, we are able to install different infrared heaters in saunas. Infraworld is a pioneer in the field of heating panel technology in infrared and sauna cabins. Infrared radiation is emitted evenly from large heating panels, enveloping the body with comfortable infrared warmth. A slight increase in body temperature and excessive sweating are some of the positive effects.
Now everyone can feel the benefits of infrared radiation in their own sauna. Choose the combination sauna with VITALlight infrared ABC heaters. Infrared heaters are not only convincing in their look, technology and important safety features, but also by special intensive infrared heat that reaches under the skin. The heaters reach full power immediately after switching on and are continuously adjustable from a sitting position by the knobs of the sauna controls.
The infrared A proportion penetrates deep into the lower layers of skin and heat is quickly distributed all over the body through the blood circulation. Beneficial for the back and joints - we know what is important!