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Choose from different

types of wood for your sauna

Nordische Fichte

Nordic spruce Softline profile


Very slow growth of spruce trunks in extreme cold makes the wood particularly resistant. Only in this way can it meet our high demands and thus makes it the ideal wood for manufacturing saunas. Its fine pore structure provides a sound and beneficial warm climate in this kind of sauna.

Astfreie Espe

Nordic aspen Softline profile


Aspen is especially suited for building saunas. It resists humidity and high temperatures, is resin-free, almost knotless and has low thermal conductivity. Its bright colour is noble and lends the sauna the desired, unique appearance.


Hemlock Softline profile


Light-brown knotless Canadian fir makes every cabin unique and is excellently suited for the changing climatic conditions in a sauna.

Österreichische Alpenzirbe

Alpine stone pine Softline profile 


The "Queen of the Alps" with its characteristic large branches and lively grain comes from the high-altitude Austrian mountains. The fine wood with its particularly pleasant fragrance convinces with many notable properties, which have positive effects upon health.

Fir Softline profile


Silver firs mainly come from the Austrian low mountain range or the altitudes of the Black Forest. This kind of wood has dense annual rings, it is knotless, resin-free and resistant to moisture. The annual rings are clearly visible, which lends the wood its extraordinary appearance.

Zirbe Paneele

Stone pine sauna panel 


The aromatic scent of stone pine wood has a calming effect, which encourages us to slow down. Many dark and well intergrown knots lend this soft wood its lively look. 

Eiche alt

Old oak sauna panel


The large veneered panels made of old oak with their rustic look underline the natural elegance of this type of wood. Knots and occasional characteristic cracks make the living energy of this type of wood apparent.


Maple sauna panel


Maple wood has extremely fine pores and is therefore considered as particularly hygienic. The bright whitish-yellowish colour looks pleasant and neat. Sap- and heartwood are more or less tonal and lend the sauna panels an evenly distributed, harmonious look.


Hemlock sauna panel 


The knotless look of this evenly coloured pine tree comes into its own with the large Hemlock panels. The delicately grown fir wood lends a particularly harmonic impression, is resin-free, durable and perfectly suited for manufacturing saunas.

Knotless spruce sauna panel


The uniform appearance of spruce, with tight annual rings and consistently harmonious colors, makes this type of wood something special. From heartwood to sapwood, spruce has a light color. Thanks to its consistent look, spruce is suitable for any decorative solution.

Knotty oak sauna panel


The high-quality veneered panels made of knotty oak create a nostalgic and cozy atmosphere due to their caramel to honey-colored tones and their distinctive surface featuring cracks, dark accents, wormholes, and nail holes.

Images our sauna panels and Softline-profiles

The images of our currently available types of wood can be downloaded as a ZIP-file.