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When planning an outdoor sauna

you should consider the following.

  • Building permission:

    Be sure to inquire with your local building authority beforehand whether a building permit is required from a certain size. This is a national matter and is therfore handled differently in each federal state.

  • Snow load:

    Ask the responsible builing authority for the prescribed load standard.
  • Concrete foundation:

    A good concrete foundation is the most important thing for the lifespan and safety of an outdoor sauna. For this reason, we recommend that you have the foundation built by a specialist. This makes installation quick and easy and even afterwards there can be no problems due to heavy wieht, moisture or frost.

    After the completion and drying of the base plate, we recommend sealing it completely with roofing felt or flame sheeting.


  • Size of the foundation:
    The foundation should be about 10 – 15 mm smaller than your garden sauna to allow water run off on the exterior walls and the outside of the foundation.

    If the foundation plate is larger than the ground plan of the sauna or pool house, rain water can accumulate around the log board sauna. Consequently, the base frame may constantly be standing on wet ground. As a result, wood can absorb water and begin to rot.
    Our advice: Raise the bituminous sheeting or sealing on the base frame!
Die Bodenisolierung schützt vor Kälte.
Die Bodenisolierung schützt vor Kälte.


  • Floor insulation:
    For optimal insulation we recommend you insulate the floor with Styrodur (thickness = 50 mm) between the foundation timber. The distance of our foundation timber can be varied.
  • Electric installation - socket:
  1. The sauna heater requires a high-voltage current supply of 400 V with a feed line of 5 x 2.5 mm².
  2. The cable should protrude from the edge of the foundation.
  3. After the sauna house has been assembled, the electrician can install a junction box just above the ground.
  4. We lay the required silicone cable from the position of the junction box to the control unit and to the sauna heater.
  5. If additional power consumption devices with 230 V shall be installed in the hall of the sauna, such as coloured LED lighting, audio system, infrared heaters or lamps and sockets, the required cables must be taken into account.
Anlieferung der Gartensauna.
Anlieferung der Gartensauna.
  • Delivery / assembly of the garden sauna:
    The garden sauna is delivered by lorry (maybe even by articulated lorry). Therefore access to the unloading zone must be guaranteed.

    Unloading is carried out with a forklift (1.5 - 2t according to the model) or crane and is organised and carried out by the specialised dealer or the final customer.