Rieglerstr. 21
4873 Frankenburg
Gesund durch Wärme
mit Infraworld Infrarotkabinen
und Saunen.
Sole-Therme salt evaporator -
take a deep breath of sea air
Innovation von infraworld: die Sole-Therme Pur.
Innovation von infraworld: die Sole-Therme Pur.


Unique: the brine spa (Sole-Therme)

No matter if you want protection from colds or improvement of skin texture — the brine spa provides everything you need. Large salt stones in a ceramic pot are constantly rinsed with vapour. 
The air is enriched with salt, minerals and trace elements – as a consequence you can enjoy the healthy effects of a maritime climate. The Sole-Therme is already built in the TrioSol cabins by Infraworld.

Heilkräuter für die Sole-Therme.
Heilkräuter für die Sole-Therme.


The special tip: MEDICINAL HERBS


Salt combined with medicinal herbs is especially beneficial for body and mind. You only need a handful of dried herbs* or one of the special Infraworld scented sachets.


When put onto the salt stones, aromatic scents make your cabin an oasis of well-being. The water vapour absorbs the contents of the herbs so that they can develop their beneficial effects.
Gentle, relaxing, beneficial.


* When using herbs from your own garden, we recommend drying them beforehand. Fill the dried herbs into an empty teabag and put it on the salt stones.

Reinigungstipps für den Sole-Therme Salzverdampfer

TrioSol Infrarotkabinen Anwendung und Reinigung

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