Rieglerstr. 21
4873 Frankenburg
Gesund durch Wärme
mit Infraworld Infrarotkabinen
und Saunen.

Sole-Therme salt evaporator -
take a deep breath of sea air

Innovation von infraworld: die Sole-Therme Pur.
Innovation von infraworld: die Sole-Therme Pur.


Unique: the brine spa (Sole-Therme)

No matter if you want protection from colds or improvement of skin texture — the brine spa provides everything you need. Large salt stones in a ceramic pot are constantly rinsed with vapour. 
The air is enriched with salt, minerals and trace elements – as a consequence you can enjoy the healthy effects of a maritime climate. The Sole-Therme is already built in the TrioSol cabins by Infraworld.

Heilkräuter für die Sole-Therme.
Heilkräuter für die Sole-Therme.


The special tip: MEDICINAL HERBS


Salt combined with medicinal herbs is especially beneficial for body and mind. You only need a handful of dried herbs* or one of the special Infraworld scented sachets.


When put onto the salt stones, aromatic scents make your cabin an oasis of well-being. The water vapour absorbs the contents of the herbs so that they can develop their beneficial effects.
Gentle, relaxing, beneficial.


* When using herbs from your own garden, we recommend drying them beforehand. Fill the dried herbs into an empty teabag and put it on the salt stones.