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Frequently asked questions

about infrared cabins and saunas

Before buying an infrared cabin you should spend some time planning. The place of installation covers some of the main points, e.g. what is the floor space, is a power supply available. Apart from the cabin size, equipment is important. In “Tips for planning an infrared cabin”, you will find the types of wood available and different heating systems.

Infrared is a type of light that cannot be perceived by the human eye due to its wavelength. The major natural source of infrared radiation is the sun. However, this infrared radiation has nothing to do with dangerous UV radiation, which can cause sunburn, for example. A special characteristics of infrared radiation is that its energy is given off in the form of heat. This infrared energy is very effective in contrast to other heat methods because it only heats the body parts, which infrared radiation comes in contact with. We can feel this warming effect on our skin. Therefore, infrared is also called “thermal radiation”. 

Our VITALlight infrared heaters contain the full infrared spectrum with 18% infrared A, 56% infrared B and 26% infrared C proportion. Infrared warmth from this deep heat radiator penetrates into the lower layers of skin and is quickly distributed all over the body. 

Our infrared cabins are equipped with a three-fold heating system. VITALlight infrared ABC heaters for topical use on the back or shoulders, infrared heating panels for constant radiation from all sides and gentle relaxing warmth. When combining both systems and the Sole-Therme salt evaporator to produce salt laden water vapour your home transforms into a mighty refuge of health.

More sweating, less temperature - the sweating volume in an infrared cabin is up to seven times higher than in a sauna. This can be reached at a circulation-friendly cabin temperature between 30°C and 40°C. The infrared heaters heat the body gently and progressively. A Finnish sauna, however, has a temperature of approx. 80°C. Consequently the physical strain is significantly larger but also the circulation training much more intensive. Furthermore, the infrared cabin differs per its low energy consumption, its structure and its power supply. A normal power socket is sufficient for an infrared cabin, whereas a sauna usually requires a high-voltage current supply.

The recommended application period for infrared heating panels and the brine spa (Sole-Therme) salt evaporator is approx. 30 – 45 min. The application period for infrared ABC heaters with 100% power should not exceed 10 – 15 min. The duration of a session can be increased in case of lower power of the ABC heaters. However you should not overdo it at the beginning, adapt the duration of the session to your fitness. 
We recommend using the cabin twice or three times a week with a break of a day between sessions. 

The heating-up time is about 10 – 15 min. At an inside temperature of about 30°C you can sit in the cabin and let yourself be warmed up gently and circulation-friendly.

Heating panels, an infrared ABC heater and the brine spa salt evaporator together combine three effects in a unique way: You can specifically address problem areas on the back or on the joints by individually adjustable infrared ABC radiation. Heating panels cause intensive sweating, support the regeneration of the body and can also strengthen the immune system. The Sole-Therme evaporator enriches the air in the cabin with salt, minerals and trace elements: beneficial for the skin, airways and soul. 

All heating systems can be adjusted individually and continuously so you can adapt the temperature to the physical condition in a circulation-friendly way. Therefore, the positive feel-good effects are suitable for everyone, including elderly people and children.


In the course of a normal pregnancy, infrared cabin sessions are usually agreeable after the third month. The muscle relaxing effect is also a good preparation for birth. However, please be sure to discuss this with your gynaecologist beforehand.


In case of physical complaints or diseases please talk to your doctor beforehand as well.

The duration of an infrared session including the warm-up phase is about 45 minutes. With a total power of 2500 Watt, the power consumption is approx. 1800 Watt. With an electricity price of approx. € 0.40, each session costs € 0.72.

We recommend putting a towel on the bench for each session. If you use the salt evaporator, we recommend putting a towel under the outside of the door. Water vapour causes fogging on the glass door, so water can drip onto the floor.


Drink sufficient water beforehand. Set the infrared cabin to 35 – 45°C. During the heating-up period you have the opportunity to wash yourself with water. After 10 minutes, the cabin will be hot enough so that you can already relax and enjoy the remaining warm-up phase in the cabin and warm up your body slowly and in a circulation-friendly manner.


Switch the cabin off after use and leave the door open to ventilate the cabin. We recommend having a lukewarm shower afterwards. Grant yourself a rest of about 20 min and drink enough water.

  1. We recommend always putting a towel on the bench and on the cabin floor. If so, it will be sufficient to clean the cabin once or twice a year.
  2. Sauna cleaning agents are best for cleaning. Always take the mains plug out of the socket before cleaning.
  3. The paddings of the backrests are made of antibacterial artificial leather which is water-repellent, flame-retardant and sweat and mould resistant. Cleaning: Do not use aggressive cleaners for the back padding, but ideally soapsuds.
  4. Cleaning the Sole-Therme salt evaporator: After each use, allow the ceramic bowl to cool down, then rinse the salt stones and the bowl with tap water. You should also drain the residual water in the container of the evaporator after each use. Find more information on cleaning in the instructions for use.
  • Place of installation: The room should be dry, odourless and heated. The comfortable feeling increases with the installation environment. Experience shows that the easier it is for you to access the cabin and the more pleasant the atmosphere, the more often you will use the cabin.
  • Floor space: a tiled, laminate or wood floor is ideal
  • Power supply: a current supply of 230 V is required
  • Duration of assembly: The assembly of an infrared cabin takes between 3 and 6 hours depending on the model.

Infrared cabins by Infraworld are ready to plug in. The walls are already pre-fabricated and need only be fitted together. The assembly instructions are very detailed and give a clear description of the assembly steps. With some manual skills you will be able to assemble many models on your own. Only a few cabins should be assembled by an expert. 
You can also make use of our assembly service and sit back and relax until the commissioning of your infrared cabin is complete.