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VITALlight-IPX4-full spectrum heater

by Infraworld

Infraworld has developed this infrared radiator, which is similar to the infrared spectrum of the sun. The challenge was to create the full infrared spectrum for an intensive and selective infrared use. This radiator achieves this with an infrared A proportion of up to 18 %, IR-B of 56 % and an IR-C proportion of 26 %.

The VITALlight full spectrum heater is situated in front of a high polish reflector which diffuses the infrared radiation optimally. The radiator does not require any preheating and is immediately ready for use. The intensity of the radiator can be adjusted continuously between 40% and 100% with one of our fully electronic controls.

Immediately after switching on, the VITALlight heaters reach 100 % power. This makes immediate use without pre-heating possible. The recommended maximum duration of use is 15 min. due to the intensive radiation. By reducing the power down to 40 %, however, it is possible to increase the exposure time significantly.

Penetration depths into the skin:

  • Infrared A range: up to max. 5 mm possible (hypodermis, sub cutis)
  • Infrared B range: up to 0.5 mm (epidermis, dermis)
  • Infrared C range: up to 0.1 mm (horny layer, germ layer, epidermis)

IR-A penetrates the skin during radiation down into the lower skin layers. The blood vessels in the skin quickly distribute the thermal energy in the exposed body parts and via blood circulation in the whole organism. This contributes to heavy sweating from the inside. However it is not possible to overheat the body, because the pain receptors respond to heat due to the B- and C-proportion of the radiation. Slight redness of the skin indicates high blood circulation of the skin and muscles.