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Gesund durch Wärme
mit Infraworld Infrarotkabinen
und Saunen.

The infrared surface heating

by Infraworld

The 3 pillar principle:


Adjustable exposure intensity
The exposure intensity is easily adjustable with the fully electronic Infraworld interior controls. After a short while you will experience the difference for yourself. One day you want intensive infrared radiation from an exposure area of 80 °C, another day gentle relaxing warmth with surface elements of 40 °C. The sophisticated technique always guarantees optimal well-being in your Infraworld cabin.

The constant and large exposure area
The large exposure areas offer a homogenous and constant surface temperature. This ensures well-balanced exposure of the whole body. If you prefer additional intensive, selective heat application to the back area, we recommend the model series Fusion, TrioSol or Vario. Surface heating is here ideally combined with VITALlight infrared heaters. Since we always work true to the motto: “I feel as snug as a bug in a rug in my Infraworld cabin.”

The circulation-friendly cabin temperature
The sophisticated technique guarantees a constant cabin temperature over the whole session period. So the Infraworld radiant warmth starts to have a positive effect on the body even with a circulation-friendly temperature of 30 °C. However if you want a higher cabin temperature, no problem, everything is easily and comfortably adjustable with the controls from inside.