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Equipment details and accessories

of the Infraworld infrared cabins

Audiosystem mit Bluetooth.
Audiosystem mit Bluetooth.


Audio system with Bluetooth


Soft music in the background can help us switch off faster after a hard day. Our favourite songs make us feel good and we also want to listen to them in an infrared cabin or sauna. 


This is why we have developed an audio system. It allows you in a simple and easy way to connect music from external sources like smartphones, iPods, iPads, or MP3 players via speakers into the cabin. Perfect connectivity is guaranteed by the Bluetooth function or a jack plug cable. The audio system can be easily adjusted from a lying position with a small remote control.

So just choose your favourite song, lean back and enjoy a new way of relaxation with a special sound experience.


  This symbol indicates that it is already included with the product.


LED-Farblicht für Infrarotkabinen.
LED-Farblicht für Infrarotkabinen.


Coloured LED lighting for infra-red cabins


Colours have been associated with therapeutical benefits for many years!
Light therapy in a modern infrared cabin or sauna has an important and significant effect on the human body.


Each colour influences our mind and body in a different way because each one has its own wavelength and energy which is transmitted to us.


The glare-free coloured LED lighting creates unrivalled gentle and calming light moods and effects. No matter which colour appears, you do not have to do anything other than let it work its magic on you in the comfortable warmth of the cabin.


This symbol indicates that it is already included with the product.

AquaTherm Salzverdampfer.
AquaTherm Salzverdampfer.


Sole-Therme salt evaporator


Our water evaporator AquaTherm produces vapour which passes continually through a ceramic pot filled with natural salt stones. This enriches the vapour with salt, minerals and important trace elements, so that inhaling the salt laden air is beneficial for your skin and airways.

The brine spa (Sole-Therme) is built in all TrioSol infrared cabins.


When purchasing your infrared cabin, you didn't opt for a Sole-Therme salt evaporator?

Thanks to our evaporator heater AquaTherm and the accompanying Sole-Therme attachment, all our cabins marked with the following symbol can be retrofitted easily.



Duftkissen für Sole-Therme Pur.
Duftkissen für Sole-Therme Pur.


Scented sachets


Pillows with aromatic fragrances can have an especially beneficial effect on body and mind. On account of our high quality promises, we only use Austrian herbs from controlled organic farming.
Simply put the scented sachet onto the evaporator - and create a natural, aromatic fragrance in your cabin. The water vapour absorbs the contents of the herbs and stone pine chips, so that they can develop their beneficial effects.
Available in camomile, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, eight mountain herbs and stone pine chips.

Die ergonomische Rückenlehne.
Die ergonomische Rückenlehne.


Ergonomic backrest


Get even more enjoyment out of your infrared cabin by Infraworld with this ergonomic backrest in poplar.
Thanks to its curved shape, it is suitable for every user. Four anti-slip paddings are provided so that the backrest does not slip if you tilt it a bit.
This ensures ultimate comfort when sitting in your cabin.

Bankauflage für Infrarotkabinen.
Bankauflage für Infrarotkabinen.


Bench covers for infrared cabins


The bench covers are made of a hard-wearing material, which is well proven in the medical sector. The antibacterial cover is sweat resistant and easy to clean. Additionally, the upholstery is equipped with a practical zip and an anti-skid mat on the reverse.